Review Policy

I appreciate your interest in asking me to review your creations and it'll be my pleasure to do so. Just a few things:
☑ If you like my work and wish to promote your brand on my blog please drop me your items along with a notecard or IM about what you've sent, LM, and any other information you consider important.  Or if you prefer, send me a notecard with the LM to your store and pics of your work and I'll contact you.

☑ Please understand I only review what I feel fits my style and I mean no disrespect towards you and your work. My blog is about things I like, styles or scenes I create and sharing with you everything that catches my eye.

☑ My goal is to present your creations through the best quality photos I can do. Credits are always listed at the end of each post with respective landmarks. If there's additional information the readers should know, you'll find it there as well.

☑ I really appreciate notices of upcoming events, hunts, freebies or other gifts, and new sim openings (I love exploring and finding cool places for my pics!).

Thanx for your support!